Unsplash App Redesign

I am exicted to share a thee page Unsplash application developed using Google Flutter. I have found full design at https://uplabs.com

You can take a look at following link for full source code.

Create Custom Component

In this very first Google Flutter blog I am going to build above login screen,
UI inspiration taken from https://uplabs.com

To make a generic component we have to identify the common components in the screen. If we take a closer look at screen, UI itself explaining two input (username, password) and two button (‘Login with Facebook’ and ‘Login’) are having similar UI.

What is blockchain?

As name suggest it is a block of chain. A bloc contains information, it could be anything, most popular example of blockchain is Bitcoin now these days.

Getting Started With Native Script

This tutorial help you to install NativeScript (https://www.nativescript.org/) on your machine. After completing this tutorial you will be able to run a basic project of Native Script. Download Code

React Native With Salesforce

In this tutorial you will learn to setup development environment, and we will install several tools like (homebrew, node, cocoapods etc). And after that, you’ll be able to build Native apps using mainly React Native, JavaScript, CSS knowledge.

Welcome To Programming

This is my first blog. I will keep you guys updated with latest technology and frameworks.

During the learning phase, I will post more on Google Go, Node.js, React Native, Android, iOS, Salesforce, Riot.js, React.js, Java Script etc.

Thank you for reading this post.

Happy coding

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