Getting Started With Native Script

Getting Started With Native Script

Fri Jul 30 2021

This tutorial help you to install NativeScript ( on your machine. After completing this tutorial you will be able to run a basic project of Native Script. Download Code

  • Introduction
  • Prerequisites
  • Installation
  • Hello World
  • Result


NativeScript is free open source famework to building native Android and iOS app using Javascript and css. It is renders UI's with the native platform's rendering engine, so NativeScript does not have WebViews. It is pure native code.


NativeScript CLI build on Nodejs so you must have to install Nodejs before using it. If you are using Mac and you have alredy installed brew ( then open terminal and type following command to install Nodejs

brew install nodejs

For other platform installation please check


I am assuming that you are using Mac

npm install -g nativescript

You may need to use sudo to install native script globally on Mac. For on the other platform installation of NativeScript please check there documentation (

Hello World

To create a Hello World project open the terminal and type following command

tns create HelloWorld

If you want to use TypeScript or Angular template please use following tags to create your project.

tns create HelloWorld --tsc // for TypeScript
 tns create HelloWorld --ng // for Angular

Go to HelloWorld project and using terminal and type following and hit enter to run the project on iOS emulator.

cd HelloWorld
tns run android --emulator // it will run into Android emulator
 tns run ios --emulator it will run into iOS emulator

It should launch an Android or iPhone emulator base on above command and run the project.


Native Script Hello World